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leonardo dicaprio

leonardo dicaprio News

The Top 10 Rich People Who Were Once Poor

The list of such personalities is endless; however we have compiled a list of the top 10 rich people who were once poor. They grew from being homeless to now owning billions.

Wolf of Wall Street parody

This Perfect Parody Of Wolf Of Wall Street Can Catapult Anyone’s To Political Greatness

This guy has found the film inspiring enough to further his political ambitions and has made a parody video of the film where he steps into the shoes of the actor and asks for votes. Go vote for Tommy Bolger.

Oscars 2014: What A Dazzling Presentation Ceremony!

Oscars 2014: What A Dazzling Presentation Ceremony!

The 86th Academy Awards was a spectacle of glitz and glamour. It had the perfect ingredients of all things nice and it has left behind some sweet memories (counting Ellen DeGeneres’ Twitter-crasher selfie). So how did the Academy Awards 2014 presentations go? If you missed the live show, you can […]

Top 10 Famous Scorpios In History

Whatever a Scorpio does, they do it with full conviction and give it their all. They can never do something they don't believe in or don't really want to do. Here we bring to you a list of ten most famous scorpios who, true to their zodiac, contributed a lot and got a lot in return.

Top 10 Celebrities with Fascinating Smiles

Smile has a uniform language irrespective of the culture, religion or race you belong to. The most fascinating smile happens in a fraction of a second and it remains throughout our lives. Some celebrities hold these smiles which make room in our heart forever.

Top 10 Movie Scenes Which Are Logically False

Movies are a work of fiction; an extension of reality with no limits to the stretch of imagination. You watch a movie expecting something larger than life, something different altogether. While logic needn’t be a necessary ingredient in movies but then at times the boundaries of reason are extended far too much.