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lady gaga

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Top 10 Musicians Who Wear Mask or Paint Faces

Audience likes them and their fans adore them for whoever they are on the stage. Here’s the compilation of top 10 musicians who wear masks or paint faces while live shows and still entertain their fans with their incredible voices:

15 Funny Photoshopped Images of Popular Celebrities

1. Edward – Bella!!! Where are you ? Bean – She’s gone now i’ll play the role of Bella 😀 2. I am playing the role of an alien in Men in Black 4 – Will Smith 3. Woody Harrelson or Woodelia Harrelson? 4. This is the metro sexual look […]

Top 10 Celebrities Who Smoke Like A Boss

Smoking no doubt is an unhealthy habit. Everyone knows that. But, not everyone has got the guts to publicly accept it and blow out the smoke like a boss, especially when you’re someone who’s watched and imitated by thousands.

Top 10 pop singers of new generation

Pop singers are artists who have their music specially made for them, their instruments played for them and their voice to create a stir in the hearts of fanatic followers spread across the world.

Top 10 celebrities to follow on Twitter

In a way Twitter has brought the world of celebrities closer to their fans and some celebrities have amassed a huge fan following on the site. It has also become a major promotional medium for many celebrities and events. Today when almost every celebrity has an active Twitter account, it is hard to decide which ones to follow. So, here is a list of the top celebrities to follow on twitter.