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Kennedy family

Kennedy family News

Top 10 Cowards in the History of World

Then there are other kinds who made special place as cowards in the history. Here is the list of those 10 cowards in the history of world who deserve this title than many more.

Top 10 interesting facts about Kennedy family

The only royal family, even if there is no such thing in the history of modern United States of America, is The Kennedy Family. The family has suffered numerous tragedies which earned them the notoriety of a family cursed. Tragedies were so frequent in the family that they collectively came to be known as "the Kennedy curse". Let us take a look into some interesting facts about the renowned Kennedy Family.

Top 10 Political Families of the World

There are many political families exercising absolute dominance in countries across the world. Some of them rule like dictators while others rule by democracy. A political family is unlike any other family. By a layman’s standards, a political family has several of its members actively engaged in politics. Members may be blood relations or relations out of marriage.