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john lennon

john lennon News

All People Do Not Look Good In Tattoos And These Pictures Will Tell You Why

Nothing personal but just this that creativity has a ceiling, beyond which it becomes plain disgusting.

8 Famous Nonviolent Leaders (Other Than Gandhi)

8 Famous Nonviolent Leaders (Other Than Gandhi)

Mahatma Gandhi has become the face of nonviolence but there have been other great men and women who have used peaceful means to protest against injustice and inequality.

Top 10 Crime Incidences Inspired From Books

There are always people who took fancy to fiction by attempting to convert it into reality and get away. With their twisted mind-sets, they set out to enact something they have been obsessed with after reading a piece of literature or seeing a movie, no matter what gruesome a crime it may have been.

Top 10 Morning Songs to Make Your Day

Waking up in the morning can be a drag and sometimes depressing too! But that’s where some songs come to your rescue. Believe it or not listening to songs, good ones, does have a therapeutic effect!

Top 10 English Songs to Fall Asleep

It’s a common phenomenon to fall asleep while the music continues to play in your earphones or the TV plays in the background. In fact, many of us are addicted to sleeping with some kind of sound in the background. It acts like a drug; we’re unable to sleep in silence.

Top 10 Christmas Carols ever

Where ever you go, whether it’s the malls, supermarkets, theaters, grocery stores, schools, colleges, bakeries, local markets; your ears will instantly recognize a carol humming in the backdrop.

Top 10 assassinations that shook the world

TopYaps presents a list of ten people who became a dangerous remedy of a desperate disease. We don't know what the disease was; an obsession, hatred, zealotry, a burning desire or whatever, but it was potent enough to shook the world. Have a look!