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joan of arc

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Top 10 Historical Figures Known For Wearing Clothes of the Opposite Sex

Cross dressing of men as women and women as men has been in process since time immemorial. The men and women have cross dressed to take up new roles, responsibilities, to hide their identities or simply for the sake of being different.

Top 10 Famous Female Warriors In World History

The profession of war is generally dominated by men, but there have been certain women who overshadowed this traditional convention by their extra-ordinary capabilities and marked their significance. Here are ten famous female warriors who displayed their courageousness in the sector, which is considered as a no-go area for them.

Top 10 women who changed the world

There are hundreds of deserving candidates for this list, but certainly, names listed on this page dominate the rest for their contribution in different areas and for changing the conventional societal wind. Apart from being a prototype of integrity, love, sacrifice, benevolence and tolerance, these women are widely adored for changing the world we live in. We welcome your opinions about those who are here - and those who are not, but should have featured.