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Jane Austen

Jane Austen News

Top 10 Satirists of All Time

Satire is a witty form of communication aimed at conveying a message to societies or drawing its attention towards its inherent loopholes.

Top 10 famous moments of the Academy Awards

The academy awards or the Oscars are presented every year for excellence in cinema. The awards are telecasted worldwide and viewed by millions .These awards carry numerous funny moments and can be a source of real entertainment. We are presenting ten of the famous moments of the Academy Awards.   […]

Top 10 female authors of all time

Female authors have left an equal impact on the society as their male counterparts. Writing is an art which draws a reflection to the author’s soul. A writer is a sorcerer with the pen being the wand and the books being the spells. Women have for generations been known for their innate knack of storytelling.