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Jacqueline Kennedy

Jacqueline Kennedy News

Style Icon Jacqueline Kennedy Recently Caught Million Of Viewers As Former US First Lady Who Wows India in 1962

Iconic Photographs Of Fashion Icon Jacqueline Kennedy During Her India Visit

Slow down for a few moments while we bring you the very famous style icon named Jacqueline Kennedy also known as ‘Jackie’ who died on May 19th exactly 20 years ago . She became the first US Lady who wows India in 1962. She extremly became loud personality when she married to […]

Top 10 interesting facts about Kennedy family

The only royal family, even if there is no such thing in the history of modern United States of America, is The Kennedy Family. The family has suffered numerous tragedies which earned them the notoriety of a family cursed. Tragedies were so frequent in the family that they collectively came to be known as "the Kennedy curse". Let us take a look into some interesting facts about the renowned Kennedy Family.