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Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan News

‘Udta Punjab’ Insults Legendary Jackie Chan And THAT Is Unacceptable

Chan's stature is bigger than 'Udta Punjab' cast combine.

24 Badass Facts You Should Know About Jackie Chan

A man with a tremendous personality.

Fastest Move

Bruce Lee Was So Fast He Could Knock Anyone Out At The Blink Of An Eye

The legendary Bruce Lee was the torchbearer of martial artists who wanted to make a name for themselves in films. Lee’s aggression and his skill, which remains unmatched to this date, paved a path for others like him to follow. (Jackie Chan is one such martial arts superstar) But what […]

Top 10 Actors who Play Stereotyped Roles on Screen

“Typecasting” is a bane for any movie and the actors characterized in it are often stereotyped as clichéd and boring. Audience has become wiser than they were during the late 80s and 90s, when directors would dish out the same characters in order to call audience to the theaters.