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ipod News

Cydia System Tweaks

Best 13 Cydia System Tweaks

We have listed some of the best 13 Cydia system tweaks for your iPhone device to add some extra interesting never seen features to make your iPhone look more attractive. If you are exploring yourself  and a freak user of iPhone, check this article and enjoy:- 13. Activator: Price: Free Activator […]

Best 3 Cydia Tweeks For Messaging/Keyboard

Best 3 Cydia Tweaks For Messaging/Keyboard

Here comes the top 3  free marvelous messaging/keyboard tweaks with enhanced smileys to chit-chat with your friends, specially launched for audience who spend most of  their time doing sms. Have a look:- 3. BiteSMS: BiteSMS is the best application provided by cydia for text messaging. You can instantly reply to any […]

Best 2 Cydia Tweeks For Visual Enhancers

Top 2 Cydia Tweaks For Visual Enhancers

We have listed one of the most popular cydia tweaks for Visual Enhancers that are absolutely free of cost to make your board looks magnificent. Have a look:- 2. WinterBoard: WinterBoard will help you to reform all your iOS themes and will enhance a new look in your device. Its a […]

11 Best Apple iOS 7 Features

Apple’s new operating system iOS7 is the biggest change in the iPhone since this amazing gadget was launched. This latest version of Apple’s iOS software with its biggest change since apple iPhone was introduced has attracted many tech companies. The new as well as upgraded features include :- 11. Multitasking: […]

Top 10 Bizarre Trends Among Teenagers

Teenage is that phase in life when even the most stable and sensible children might turn rebellious and do things that are sometimes hard to describe. What is it about teenage that cause even a normal child to pick up trends which are in complete contrast to his or her […]

Top 10 moments in Apple’s journey

Apple Inc is the largest publicly traded corporation in the world by market capitalization with a market cap larger than Google and Microsoft combined. So let us unearth some vital moments in Apple's journey!