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heath ledger

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8 Creepy Pictures of Heath Ledger’s Joker Diary

Heath Ledger, who met a tragic death because of the accidental overdose of a prescription drug used a diary to develop ideas for the phenomenal role of The Joker in Christopher Nolan's movie "The Dark Knight".

Top 10 Artists who Came to Prominence After Death

Not every artist is privileged enough to witness the effects of his/her work during his/her lifetime. The worth of their work is sometimes realized posthumously.

Ledger the Joker

Top 10 people who became famous after death

The saddest aspect of life is when talented people are ignored while they’re still alive. Recognition long after the person is gone only accentuates the tragedy. Yes, there are many famous people elevated to immortality who continue to live with us through their work.

Top 10 famous moments of the Academy Awards

The academy awards or the Oscars are presented every year for excellence in cinema. The awards are telecasted worldwide and viewed by millions .These awards carry numerous funny moments and can be a source of real entertainment. We are presenting ten of the famous moments of the Academy Awards.   […]

Top 10 celebrities who died young

This list of Topyaps is not ordered according to the "most celebrated" but according to the ages when "most celebrated" departed for heavenly abode. Your suggestions are welcomed, if you think we have missed to include any fundamental figure in this list.