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heart disease

heart disease News

Top 10 Foods That Lower The Risk Of Heart Disease

It should be noted that just eating these foods alone will not be enough and you have to maintain a general level of healthiness and fitness to truly stay clear of heart disease. But eating the following foods will definitely help. Here are the top 10 foods that lower the risk of heart disease.

Top 10 Ways of Cheating Death, if Possible

Death, they say, is inevitable. Yes, it’s the truth! There is no way you can avoid dying but there certainly are ways with which you can delay it. Cheating death means living your life in a more positive and a healthier way. When you are a fulfilled individual, God himself gives you time to live it to the full.

Top 10 reasons to go vegetarian

Top 10 reasons to go vegetarian

Initially it was believed that vegetarians have nothing more than cottage cheese and potatoes to eat. But with the ever-expanding variety of vegetarian foods and delicacies being served and cooked, turning vegetarian have become a never ending spree of late. Therefore we have listed below top 10 reasons to go vegetarian.

Top 10 health benefits of Black Tea

When I say “Black Tea” the first thing that strikes in our mind is a tea without milk. However, unlike the general conception black tea certainly doesn’t imply tea minus milk but is similar to green tea. It is plucked from the same plant called camellia sinensis and the only […]

Top 10 reasons to donate blood

10 Reasons To Donate Blood

Saving lives of other people can be exhilarating for most of us, and sometimes all it takes is donating a pint of our blood. Blood donation is commonly a voluntary task that people undertake as charity for the inner satisfaction it brings. But, besides the psychological happiness, it also has […]