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hate News

11 Fictional Villains Who Don’t Deserve To Be Hated

We all grew up hating the villains.


15 Signs That A Person You Think You Hate Has Become Your Hate Crush

You hate them so much that you think about them all the time.


Why Do We Hate The Australian Team So Much?

A mix of envy and admiration.


6 Things A Happy Couple Love To Hate

Love has to work around these.

Top 10 Things Men Definitely Hate

Men and women tend to foil each other when it comes to making a choice. There is no rational belief why the two sexes have such an altered set of choices.

Top 10 Things Women Hate to The Core

It is an established fact that of the two sexes, women are more complex, fussier, more jealous, more unpredictable and even more sensitive. Whoever said “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” spoke the truth; they are far apart from each-other, not only in physical context but in emotions, too.