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Hangover News

To Cure Your Nasty Hangover

Solid Ease Out Way To Cure Your Nasty Hangover

If you are chugging H2O, popping pills day and night, rolling in the sheets and taking curd just to ease out your nasty hangover then you really need to see this video. Just throw out your list of hangover remedies and get straight to what we have brought for you […]

Top 10 Myths About Alcohol

Alcohol has been used and abused by people from everywhere. As such there are a lot of notions people have about alcohol which recent studies have started to question. Here is a summary of the top ten myths commonly associated with alcohol.

Top 10 Movie Scenes Which Are Logically False

Movies are a work of fiction; an extension of reality with no limits to the stretch of imagination. You watch a movie expecting something larger than life, something different altogether. While logic needn’t be a necessary ingredient in movies but then at times the boundaries of reason are extended far too much.