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Top 10 Words and Phrases that Shakespeare Taught Us

Shakespeare’s words and phrases have so much resemblance with our day-to-day’s life that they’re widely used in everything from movies to everyday conversations.

Top 10 Most Famous Plays of All Time

Although the modern times are times of cinema and multiplexes, the intrigue of watching a live performance on Broadway has its own charm.

Top 10 plays of William Shakespeare

There is something magical about this legend because throughout the genre of English literature, he is the one and only one who can convey us away of the confined universalities of words. Somewhat justified, TopYaps introduces a list of ten powerful plays of William Shakespeare that are capable to make you think the extent of human brain's imagination.

Top 10 Fictional Characters that Define Human Attributes

The world of fiction is full of names— memorable or forgettable, famous or notorious— that define the personality of the character portrayed in the story. They may be the protagonist or the antagonist but their name has withstood the test of time to become an embodiment of human attributes.