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Top 10 memorable opening movie scenes ever

First impression is the last impression, right? Well, the same line goes for the movie also. With a subtle or slow intoduction, the opening scene is always responsible for setting the tone for the rest of movie and impressing the viewer. No doubt, it was a tough job to compile a list of ten memorable opening movie scenes, but we have done our vey best to collect them from different eras and genres. Put this list in your flick geek pipe and smoke it up.

Top 10 Gangster Movies

The portrayal of street-smart gangsters operating outside the law is indeed one of the most adored themes in the arena of movie making. From the standpoint of a moviegoer, flicks mentioned here on TopYaps are enough to describe the mildness and sensitivity of a materialistic gangster with an aspirational hope for credit and success. No doubt, it was a tough job to round up ten neatest gangster movies from the cosmic pool of brilliant masterpieces. But here we go...