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gone with the wind

gone with the wind News

Top 10 Novels That Made Their Way To The Silver Screen

Movie makers have been constantly borrowing ideas from classics or bestselling novels and manipulating them to come up with outstanding cinema. At least 20-30 movies released every year across the world are based on books.

Top 10 on-screen romantic couples

Yes; this article is about some great on-screen romantic couples who breathed life to love affairs on the big screen!

Top 10 Love Stories Based Movies That Make You Cry

Love stories make you smile, soothe your soul, cause you to dream and often make you cry! Look around there will certainly be a love story or two budding amidst two souls. It has been observed that there is an unmistakable and unfading appeal to stories of love but what is it which makes the entire world a sucker for a good love story?

Top 10 tragic love stories

So often we see that love is nothing, but a masochistic journey with a tragic fate. And, yet when it comes to falling for a misfit, we have no control. We’re willing to walk on fire; drown in the sea; freeze in the Arctic; fight wars; die, but never give […]