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Galileo Galilei

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two events taking place at one time

These Contrary Events That Happened Almost At The Same Time Will Leave You Amazed

There have been many events in the world that took place at almost the same time but were so strikingly different in nature, they were just unbelievable. It is like a strange irony of fate, a contrariness of nature that makes these events interesting. How can we then not know […]

Top 10 Badass Scientists of All Time

A prelude to the advent of science is the advent of measure; measure is a quality much admired in the abstract. However, our civilization values the ineffable as well as the quantifiable, finding utility in the tensions between such polar opposites. Specific attempts to measure particular things are, therefore, liable to encounter an ambivalent response.

Ledger the Joker

Top 10 people who became famous after death

The saddest aspect of life is when talented people are ignored while they’re still alive. Recognition long after the person is gone only accentuates the tragedy. Yes, there are many famous people elevated to immortality who continue to live with us through their work.