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gabbar singh

gabbar singh News

Top 9 Legendary Villains Of Hindi Cinema

Top 9 Legendary Villains Of Hindi Cinema

Here we'll discuss about the ten popular villains of Hindi Cinema without whom our Heroes become nothing but someone who only evokes boredom.

Top 10 Real-life Replacements of Gabbar Singh

Though Gabar Singh is one who comes to mind for being in vogue as the symbol of this elusive breed; there are many with tales just as gripping as perhaps his. Let’s read about some of them in here.

funny twitter accounts in India

Top 10 Funny Twitter Accounts in India

It’s up to you, but you guys can check out their twitter accounts to decide whether they work like Nitrous Oxide or not. Oops, raise your hands if they make you chuckle for a moment. Scroll down and read on, but remember the list starts with runners-up.

Top 10 Cultural Trends That Gabbar Singh Invented

Kitne aadmi the? Or Jo darr gaya, samjho marr gaya are dialogues that make up the popular Bollywood lexicon. Who can forget Sholay and Gabbar Singh that came along with it? The movie was not only about the revenge of a police officer against a bandit but it was the tale of characters.