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The 22 Best Fathers/Father Figures In Fiction

Bonds that transcend blood-ties.

Top 10 Fantasy Writers of All Time

If you disagree with anything about this list, please remember that this is after all, personal opinion. So here are the top 10 fantasy writers of all time.

Top 10 Most Popular Robot Characters in Fiction

Ever since men could think of the idea of a robot, there have been robots created in the imagination of writers. The idea that a thinking robot could actually exist, live among humans and make logical decisions has always intrigued story writers and led them to explore the still unknown world of artificial intelligence.

Top 10 Modern Fiction Authors

Whether its horror, science fiction, mystery, thriller, romance or literature there are prominent names that rule a certain genre. Sidney Sheldon, Robin Cook, Jefrey Archer created magic in their own niche but in the past few years new writers have come up with an equal flare of writing and creativity. Listed below are the top 10 modern fiction authors of the current era.

Top 10 Fictional Characters that Define Human Attributes

The world of fiction is full of names— memorable or forgettable, famous or notorious— that define the personality of the character portrayed in the story. They may be the protagonist or the antagonist but their name has withstood the test of time to become an embodiment of human attributes.