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Top 10 Reasons Why India Lost the 1962 War against China

Indian Army holds the unique distinction of being one of the world’s best in defending its country’s borders. However, the Indo-China war of 1962 goes down in our history books as a blot on the reputation of our forces and the country.

Top 10 Things You Wish School Would Have Taught You

Schools nurture us for the future and prepare us to face the life ahead. But there are things that we realize only as we step into the real world but not before.

Top 10 Inspirational Videos on YouTube

The Internet is itself a very powerful medium that can help motivate people. Even unknown sources have tried to provide inspiration and motivation in the form of text and videos.

Top 10 biggest tech failures

They were far away from their fates, they commercialized sickly, they went beyond their time or they became the victim of strategic miscalculations. We don't know what was the exact reason but arguably we know their eventual results - DESPOILATION OF AN INNOVATIVE IDEA. With straightforward parameters, Topyaps presents a list of the ten biggest tech failures with bundle of fumbles and blunders along with downright calamity.