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Top 10 Failed Comebacks of Legendary Actors

Let’s have a look at some of the stars who faced failed comebacks, some stopping at that while others trying further till success was theirs.

Top 10 Big Budget Movies that Failed on Box Office

It’s common to talk about the movies that make it big at the box office. One can easily come up with names like Titanic, or Avatar that have done pretty well with the audience and the critiques. But, with this also comes the list of the worst movies that have stood out on the box office as the bombs of failure.

Top 10 failed assassination plots

Look back into the history and you will find that any idea or growing trend has been always protested. The act of assassination was always preferred by those who were against to such changes and used it as a tool to change the face of history. However, there are some unsuccessful assassinations but they were sufficient to shook the world. Have a look on this article of Topyaps to find out ten unsuccessful assassination plots throughout the history.