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energy News

MP Energy Minister’s Family Member Awarded Rs 180 Cr Solar Grid Installation Contract

The minister claims the process was transparent; opposition parties are not impressed.

Real Time Analysis Of 'Brown Food Chain' Contributing Enormous Amount Of Energy From Dead Stuff

A Simple Analysis Of Dead Stuff At The Core Of Enormous Amount Of Energy In ‘Brown Food Chain’

How dangerous are pond scum and animal poop, the dead stuff, that are contributing enormous amount of energy to our ecosystems? You have no idea.  You will get an superb answer by this amazing video brought to you by John C. Moore. That’s not intended as a flip answer, because there […]

Top 10 Mind-blowing Facts about Physics

The contribution of Physics in unraveling mysteries of the universe and its constituents has been tremendous and greatly remarkable. Discoveries made by the Physicists over the years have helped us a great deal in understanding both micro and macro cosmos.