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Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson News

Top 10 Love Poems for Men Written by Women

Love does not need definitions but it certainly needs a language to communicate. These expressions are best put forward in the form of poetry. It’s the poet’s feelings, penned down in the most beautiful lines with which nearly all of us relate to at some point in our lives.

Top 10 Artists who Came to Prominence After Death

Not every artist is privileged enough to witness the effects of his/her work during his/her lifetime. The worth of their work is sometimes realized posthumously.

Top 10 Famous People who Died in Seclusion

Celebrities, all through their lives, live in pomp and show. They are at times so alienated from their own self as well as their kith and kin that they find themselves alone at crucial stages of life.

Ledger the Joker

Top 10 people who became famous after death

The saddest aspect of life is when talented people are ignored while they’re still alive. Recognition long after the person is gone only accentuates the tragedy. Yes, there are many famous people elevated to immortality who continue to live with us through their work.