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Vacation for animal lovers

12 Indian Vacations You’d Want To Book Immediately If You Love Animals

Each one takes you amid some of nature's finest creations.

Top 10 Thrilling Kayaking Destinations In India

Some of these places haven't become popular as international kayaking destinations so you'd be exploring uncharted waters. Here are the top 10 places in India to go for a thrilling kayaking experience.

Top 10 Bungee Jumping Destinations In The World

There are many great places to jump from in the world. In some places you can jump amid natural beauty and in other places you can jump from man made structures. Wherever you jump from, the rush you feel is the same. To let you know about some, here are popular bungee jumping destinations in the world.

Top 10 New Year destinations

Top 10 New Year destinations in India

Here below we have compiled for your help a list of top 10 New Year destinations in India, which you can select from and trip to, depending on the type of place you want to visit this winter. Hit the jump to read on for the destination of your choice.

Top 10 places to visit in India

A land of exotic places to visit, “India” is indeed among one of the most diverse countries of the world.