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Top 10 Must Have Items for a Female Wardrobe

The females of 21st century are more evolved as they follow their instincts in fashion. They are the real fashionistas. We are going to steal a look on their closet, when presenting top 10 must have items for a female wardrobe.

Top 10 Modern Female Fashion Icons

it is the ladies who set the trends on the red carpets. They carry themselves with great style and poise wherever they go and are also constantly in the news.

Top 10 fashion designers in the world

Adored by Hollywood's A-Listers and who-is-who of glam world, the designers mentioned here on TopYaps are credited for changing the platform of fashion superhighway by their incredible talents. Their designs are most sought after by fashionistas of the world that make us understand - "They don't design clothes. They design dreams."