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Top 7 Bizarre Search Terms Used To Find Popular Sites

Top 7 Bizarre Search Ways Used To Find Popular Sites

Here are some of the 7 popular websites that are searched using several bizzare terms and ways which might make you feel bad about them. Everyone types something different and are not even sure what they want to search, Have a look :- 7. Cracked: Cracked is one of the hooked […]

Top 10 Websites that every Geek Must Follow

Most of you geeks out there already follow your favorite websites, but considering the number of new geeks adding to the internet on a regular basis, it becomes important to inform about some websites which are must read and follow for all new and old geeks on the internet.

Top 10 Funny Websites to Follow

We often spend hours on the internet doing practically nothing. It could be because we are tired of our emails, official sites, news and even social networking. So what do we do? What else, surf the net for humour!