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Top 10 Reasons You are Not Living in a True Democracy

What is democracy and why is democracy? A nation can only be defined as a true democracy if the incumbent government rules in accordance with the majority, while respecting rights of the minority.

Top 10 Stupidest Concepts of Mankind

As a species, we human-beings are certainly ahead of our counterparts in terms of intellect. But at times we give in to beliefs which can only be termed primitive.

Top 10 Books For Learning Algorithm

Algorithm was perhaps the most dreaded subject among the computer science engineering students in my college. The look in their eyes after every exam or test on Algorithm would reveal it all.

Top 10 Theories of The Existence of God

No one can confirm or deny God’s existence. Over time many theories have evolved and intrigued people about the existence of God. While some of them found ground and were absorbed by a substantial population around the world, many people still remain unconvinced and seek empirical theories to believe that God exists.