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Computer programming

Computer programming News

Top 10 Computer Scientists Who Changed The World

Top 10 Computer Scientists Who Changed The World

The way they have revolutionized the world is totally inimitable in itself. It is because of their extensive contributions that computer technology has managed to take up such an important place in the today’s world. Here are top 10 computer scientists.

Top 10 Books For Learning Algorithm

Algorithm was perhaps the most dreaded subject among the computer science engineering students in my college. The look in their eyes after every exam or test on Algorithm would reveal it all.

Top 10 nerdy competitions

It could be easily anticipated, they are a part of absolutely diverse kind of competitions. And, even though, nerdy competitions look incongruous, they surely draw lots of eye balls. Here is a list of the top ten nerdy competitions organized around the world.

Top 10 Benefits of Information Technology

Today, with the single click of a button, you can shop online or send e-mails, search for jobs or review research projects; the list of things to do is long. Indeed, information technology is helping us rapidly advance towards greater efficiency and performance. So without much ado, here is a list of the top 10 benefits of information technology.

Top 10 websites to learn computer programming online

With the internet at our disposal we have a vast pool of resource accessible to us which could be used to upgrade ourselves in the arena of programming. With the language du jour being computer code here is a list of some of the websites which are extremely useful for learning the same.