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This Is How Men And Women Behave When Depressed

They react differently to the same situation.

Born to become actor

15 Signs That Show You Were Born To Become An Actor

Apart from being born in a filmi family, that is.

17 signs you're Geet of Jab We Met

17 Signs You’re Geet Of Jab We Met

The aura of a carefree woman.

Top 10 characteristics of people prone to suicide

Top 10 Characteristics Of People Prone To Suicide

If you are alert to the signs that indicate suicidal tendency in any person you know, you can avert it. Most suicides can be prevented because the suicidal state of mind is usually temporary. Here is the list of 10 characteristics that is often seen in people who are prone to suicide.

Characteristics of Aghor

10 Key Characteristics Of ‘Aghor’ Tradition

Aghor is not a ‘tantric’ tradition.