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britney spears

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Top 10 Famous Celebrity Shoplifters

Top 10 Famous Celebrity Shoplifters

We have a list of 10 famous kleptomaniacs who have all the money in the world to buy anything and still have been caught stealing small things from shops. Here are the top 10 famous celebs who were caught shoplifting.

Top 10 Celebrities Who Smoke Like A Boss

Smoking no doubt is an unhealthy habit. Everyone knows that. But, not everyone has got the guts to publicly accept it and blow out the smoke like a boss, especially when you’re someone who’s watched and imitated by thousands.

15 Famous Ladies Who Got Their Hairs Chopped Off

Many famous ladies have decided to go bald and beautiful for various reasons. Some like Kellie Pickler have done it for charitable causes, while others like Natalie Portman and Charlize Theron have done it for movies.

Top 10 shortest celebrity marriages

Marriages they say are made in heaven, but…broken on earth. And who else on the top of the separation list than our own celebrities, most of whom have lost all the sense of moral responsibility their fame binds them with. Given the current divorce rates in many countries, the latter part of the saying is becoming a reality.

Top 10 pop singers of new generation

Pop singers are artists who have their music specially made for them, their instruments played for them and their voice to create a stir in the hearts of fanatic followers spread across the world.