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Top 10 Most Common Rules We Love to Break

Rules are meant to bring law, order and discipline in one’s life and society. Rules are what form the basis of a culture or a tradition; they differentiate human from other species. We create rules to define and judge our acts. But, do we follow every rule that we make? We make or break rules as per convenience and accord.

Top 10 Ways to Maximise Happiness in Your Life

Happiness is nothing but a feeling; a state of mind. It comes from our own actions. Sometimes, it sneaks in unannounced and sometimes we have to pursue it using our mind and heart. But most of the time, happiness eludes us.

Top 10 Mistakes of Newsreaders That Make Even Khal Drogo Go ROFL

What makes the mistakes by a news reader on air so hilarious or entertaining? Are their mix-ups funny as newsreaders generally have the stereotyped image of being seriously omniscient with their poised depositions?