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Top 10 Breeds of Dogs Which Can Put Hitler to Shame

While dogs are a man’s best friend, they can also be extremely dangerous. Perhaps the first choice as pets all around the world, the canines often become integral parts of families they are adopted by.

Top 10 Greatest Upsets in Sports That Shocked the World

Upsets are part and parcel of daily life and the world of sports is no exception to the rule. David defeats Goliath and when he does, the shockwave spreads like jungle fire across territories within a fraction of a few seconds. The best thing about upsets is that they occur when least expected.

Top 10 Famous People With Extra Fingers or Toes

Is it really an anomaly or an obstacle? Certainly not for when we look at famous people who have achieved great heights of success in life despite being polydactyly we realize it is perhaps a blessing in disguise; a sign for success! Here are top 10 famous people with extra fingers or toes.