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boring News

Boring weddings

17 Things We Did When We Were Bored Kids At Someone’s Wedding

The enjoyment in that utterly boring affair.

Things to do

18 Things To Do During Boring Office Meetings

Update your playlist, but look serious while doing it.

Top 6 Ways To Dump Your Boring Girlfriend

Women don’t like to be dumped; they can be a source of great discomfort if you manage to pull it off. She will make a demon out of you, and you stand a great chance of losing friends solely based on hearsay. So basically the trick is to make her do it for you.

Top 10 Actors who Play Stereotyped Roles on Screen

“Typecasting” is a bane for any movie and the actors characterized in it are often stereotyped as clichéd and boring. Audience has become wiser than they were during the late 80s and 90s, when directors would dish out the same characters in order to call audience to the theaters.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Are Still Single (Men)

It is not that being in a relationship is going to be greater than being single, but there always comes a time, when having someone in your life becomes important.

Top 10 Reasons Why FarmVille Sucks

Before we start let me cite what critics have to say about FarmVille. TIME magazine rates it among the ‘50 Worst Inventions’ in the recent decade; game designer Jonathan Blow called it a repetitive and exploiting game; and, others simply call it boring.