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bombing News

US must apologize Japan for atomic bomb incident

Top 10 Reasons Why US Must Apologize to Japan for the Atomic Bomb Incident

It was during World War II, when US had struck the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki with an atomic bomb. The bombing resulted in mass scale loss of human life and collateral damage. The after effects of the war are evident till date.

Top 10 War-Provoking Moments in Indo Pak Relationship

The Indo Pak relationship is entangled in a web of dicey plots. A subtle provocation from either side leads to exaggerated response from the other; almost always. The harmony in the sub-continent is disturbed within no time.

Top 10 Worst Things About The 20th Century

While some of the break-through inventions and discoveries had taken place in the 20th century; there were also undesirable effects of the changes, decisions and actions of that era.

Top 10 Catalysts of World War III

World War III is a popular apocalyptic belief, so enormous in scale that if fought it will bring about the annihilation of our planet. The world has already seen two colossal wars: World War I and World War II. We know well that history has a habit of repeating itself so it is not really delusional to anticipate the mother of all wars – World War III.