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The 22 Best Fathers/Father Figures In Fiction

Bonds that transcend blood-ties.

22 Profound Writing Quotes For Writers Of All Ages

Write, for it is the right thing.

8 Bollywood Movies With Best Set Of Songs

8 Bollywood Movies With Best Set Of Songs

Bollywood songs are played during weddings, funerals, festivals, games, driving or shopping all over India. You can find people humming them so often. Here is the list of 8 Bollywood movies that had the best set of songs.

Top 10 Best Novels On Travel

They say that if you don't travel it's like reading only 1 page of a book. Below, we've compiles a list of ten best novels on travel that will motivate you to read more pages of your own life.

Top 10 Football Coaches Who Give Tony D’Amato a Run for His Money

Football or Soccer, call what you may, but the game sure has the allure to captivate and entertain. While the players form an integral part, the role of the coach or the manager cannot be ignored.

Top 10 Morning Songs to Make Your Day

Waking up in the morning can be a drag and sometimes depressing too! But that’s where some songs come to your rescue. Believe it or not listening to songs, good ones, does have a therapeutic effect!