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Top 10 new generation German musicians

Let’s check out top 10 new generation German musicians, best known for giving decades of entertainment to global audiences.

Top 10 cult music bands

Trying to think of a top ten from so many great cult music bands down the years is very difficult as the list could just as easily be a top 100 or even a top 500 to fit all the great bands from the past and the present.

Top 10 rock bands of all time

Rock music began in the 1960s at a time when musicians were looking to explore new areas other than just the usual romantic themes. The roots of rock music go back to the 1940s rock and roll music besides it is also heavily influenced by folk, blues and jazz. The […]

Top 10 band breakups

Say it the conclusion of artistic differences or say it the impact of tragedy, but shadows of superstars will be always adored by music lovers. Have a look on this page of Topyaps to discover ten band breakups.