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This Acid Attack Survivor Needs Our Attention. This Is How You Can Help Her

Spread the word and help her get the life she wants!

7 Ways To Become A Funny Person

Here are 7 tips that would help you be the attraction of the group and funny person whose company is desired by everyone.

Top 7 Signs You Are A Stupid Girl

There are those rare cases too, where girls in their sense of avoiding guilt act stupid. So, if you are a girl and reading this, do check yourself for the signs of stupidity. Here is some help; 7 signs that confirms that you're a stupid girl.

Top 10 Genuine Issues In India Which Need More Media Attention

For the very raison d'être that many problematic issues in our society go unnoticed, India is finding cumbersome to evolve into a developed society even after 60 years of sovereign rule. Here are top 10 genuine issues in India which need more media attention: