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atheist News

Petitions In High Court Seek To Allow Atheists To Take Oath In Name of Constitution

It will also help in unnecessary flaring of communal thoughts.

Top 10 Reasons Why Atheism is Just Another Religion

Atheists are people who believe that there is no God, and also deny the existence of any supernatural power that guides mankind. But atheists, too, have faith. They vest their faith in human ability and accept only that, which is supported by scientific evidence.

Top 10 Myths About Religion

Religion has always conceded many myths. It has been seen that religious views of a person in one part of the world directly confront that of other and highlight the myths associated with the religion further.

Top 10 Theories of The Existence of God

No one can confirm or deny God’s existence. Over time many theories have evolved and intrigued people about the existence of God. While some of them found ground and were absorbed by a substantial population around the world, many people still remain unconvinced and seek empirical theories to believe that God exists.