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anonymous News

Anonymous Plans To Reveal Names Of 1,000 Ku Klux Klan Members

Anonymous got the names through a Klan twitter account.


10 Hacking Groups Known For Their Nerdy Style

When nerds unite, hacking follows.

Stupid things people do for love

7 Stupidest Things People Do For Love

Did not our moral science classes feed us how love makes the world go round? However, sometimes the speed of this merry-go-round makes our brains spin to levels that explain the idiom – to err is human, to be stupid divine. Here are the 7 stupidest things people do for love.

Top 10 Quotes That Inspire Today’s Self-proclaimed Godmen

We’ve all heard and read countless quotes and we often can’t even remember all of them. We draw inspiration from godmen and their sayings are what we generally follow. But have we ever spared a thought about the source of inspiration of the godmen?