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albert einstein

albert einstein News

Einstein’s Theory Turns True; Gravitational Waves Detected 100 Years After His Prediction

Some scientists say this discovery is bigger than Higgs boson.

Albert Einstein on God

How Would Have Einstein Responded To A Question On Religion? The Answer Lies In A Letter To A Little Girl

The great Albert Einstein was once asked a tricky question bordering one’s belief in God by a sixth grader. “Do scientists pray?” was the question.

8 Beautiful Phrases About Love

8 Beautiful Phrases About Love

Here are 8 beautiful phrases about love that we have collected for you, to read and perhaps re-use. (PS - Don’t forget to give the credit where it’s due. We mean their authors, of course!)

Top 10 Theoretical Physicists

Top 10 Theoretical Physicists

Although a lot still has to be answered, our understanding so far has been improved a lot by dedicated theoretical physicists around the world. It's hard to rank these scientists in any objective way and all we can have our personal subjective outlooks. Here's such a list of my personal favorite physicists.

Top 10 Level Headed Quotes About Intelligent People

You might have heard such quotes that try to belittle intellectuals but there are also genuine quotes that praise intelligence for what it is. Here are the top 10 level headed quotes about intelligent people.

Calvin and Hobbes

7 Best Comic Strips of Calvin and Hobbes

Though all his works were more than amazing but still we have lined up some popular comic strips of Clavin and Hobbes. Take a look and spot that one favorite of yours.

Top 10 Prominent Scientific Theories Given by Indian Dudes

Scientific temperament is usually associated with western scientists but theories and discoveries made by Indian scientist have not been less discerning. The country of the snake charmers, as called by the West, India is much more than just that.