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ak 47

ak 47 News

Indian Armed Forces Ordered To Shoot At Anyone Carrying An AK-47: Manohar Parrikar

"Decisions Modi govt acted as a morale booster for Armed Forces."

Top 10 Best Assault Rifles in the World

War has constantly prompted us in developing new weapons to stay ahead in the arms race. With new advances in science, newer and more sophisticated weapons are being used. Assault rifles have always been a decisive factor in a battle, which made it indispensible to ripen them in every way possible.

Top 10 Worst Things About The 20th Century

While some of the break-through inventions and discoveries had taken place in the 20th century; there were also undesirable effects of the changes, decisions and actions of that era.

Weapons named after people

10 Weapons That Are Named After People

AK-47 is after Russia's Avtomat Kalashnikova.


Top 10 Weapons Of All Time

The brain is the primary weapon system.