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abraham lincoln

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two events taking place at one time

These Contrary Events That Happened Almost At The Same Time Will Leave You Amazed

There have been many events in the world that took place at almost the same time but were so strikingly different in nature, they were just unbelievable. It is like a strange irony of fate, a contrariness of nature that makes these events interesting. How can we then not know […]

Top 10 assassinations that shook the world

TopYaps presents a list of ten people who became a dangerous remedy of a desperate disease. We don't know what the disease was; an obsession, hatred, zealotry, a burning desire or whatever, but it was potent enough to shook the world. Have a look!

Top 10 Greatest Famous Speeches In History

Success of any speech depends on two factors - its context and the way in which it is orated. Comprising deep thoughts and smoothest textual symmetries, speeches listed here on TopYaps are notable for changing the course of history and inspiring unfearing feats to fight against all odds.

10 Most Famous Presidents Of America

Today's world needs more of them.