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AAP Leader

AAP Leader News

Kumar Vishvas Takes A Dig At Report Of Him Joining The BJP

And Manish Sisodia, too, lent support.

A Tragediwal on Dukhdarshan

Breaking News On Dukhdarshan: Lunatic A Tragediwal Is Missing From Delhi

This is a spoof, on you know who. The kids have certainly taken creativity to a new level with their funny one-liners and character descriptions.

IBN7 Journalist

Stop Treating AAP Leader Ashutosh As A Pariah. He, Too, Has A Heart

There are a lot of videos on YouTube showing the ‘ugly’ side of AAP leader Ashutosh, once a renowned journalist of IBN7.

Arvind Kejriwal Exposed

The Mother Of All Stings Is Here, And It Exposes ‘Honest’ Kejriwal And Upright Punya Prasun Bajpai

This video is quite unsettling; it shows the two men in what appears to be a political fix-up. Judge yourself.

AAP leader slaps supporter

Forget Coalgate, Railgate Or Watergate. AAP Slapgate Is The Mother Of All Gates

Thanks to party leader Teena Sharma, the AAP got a shot...err... slap in the arm when she launched a tight right palm on the face of party supporter Ezaz Khan.

Honest Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal Is So Honest That He Laughs At His Own Memes

The AAP leader's honesty is so iconic that even a certain southern superstar worshipped for his OTT abilities might feel like a puny god.