20 Russian Superstitions That Will Shock Most Indians

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Updated on 31 Oct, 2015 at 5:17 pm


Taboos are generally those behaviors that are frowned upon by society. People in Russia avoid doing various things due to their cultural beliefs. Here we mention some of the most shocking ones.


1. You mustn’t talk to anyone about your future planning or future success.

Talking about future goals can be a bad omen and you are generally expected to be silent till success actually arrives.



2. If a chicken crows at you three times or more, then the death of a close family member can be expected within a fortnight.

Russians believe in killing that chicken, but not eating it as it may bring future misfortunes again.


3. Russians believe unmarried people should not sit at the corner of the table, especially young girls.

Those doing so will face the misfortune of not getting married for the next seven years.


4. When gifting someone a purse, one should fill the purse with money.

Filling the purse with some money is practiced by Russians as they believe gifting an empty purse brings bad luck.


5. A woman walking towards someone with an empty bucket is generally considered a dreadful omen.

So the next time you encounter such a situation, changing your route is an excellent idea.


6. You should not return home to get forgotten things.

If the thing is necessary, you can return home but have to see yourself in a mirror before leaving home again. Otherwise your journey will be bad.


7. In Russia, wearing anything new on an exam day is thought to bring bad luck.

Wearing new clothes, cutting nails or making the bed on the day of examination can bring misfortune.


8. After someone has left home for long journey, you must not tidy their belongings for a few days.


9. Strangers are not allowed to see a newborn baby for up to forty days.

Usually, the mother shows her baby only to her husband, close relatives and the midwife.


10. If a stranger looks at a newborn baby, he or she must say, “Oh! Such an ugly child.”


11. Two or more people should never use a single towel to dry their hands or bodies.

Doing so can bring conflict between them.


12. There mustn’t be a long interruption between the first and second drinks.

And anyone coming late should drink a glass full of alcohol.


13. If an empty bottle is kept back on the table after drinking, it is considered a bad omen.

You can simply keep it on the floor.


14. If a black cat or hare crosses your path, it is considered bad for the immediate future.

Usually people wait for some hours and only then go on.


15. If it rains when you leave a place, it means you will return home and your journey will be a good one.

16. Couples blessed with rains on their wedding days are believed to grow rich and prosper in life.


17. Accidentally breaking a glass is considered good luck but looking at a broken mirror can bring misfortune for the next seven years.


18. It is bad luck to eat food with a knife or lick the remainders on a knife.

If you do so, you will be angry like a dog.


19. If you get a bay leaf in your soup while eating, it means you will soon receive a mail from someone.


20. If someone sneezes while talking, it means he or she is speaking the truth and you can believe them right away.



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