11 Tampons Taboos And Different Religious Views In India

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12:00 pm 9 Oct, 2015

Tampon awareness has been big in social media where people are clicking selfies with tampons and uploading using #Justatampon, which is to serve a purpose to raise an awareness about menstruation cycles. Female sexuality is a taboo in India; thus tampons are a problem. Today, we will be taking a look at tampons taboos:


1. Many girls believe you are not virgin if you wear tampons.

Virginity has nothing to do with tampons.

2. Some fear that tampons will reach the stomach as they need to be inserted into the vagina.

Tampons can never reach or bloat up in the stomach.

3. There is no comfort as you can feel the tampon once it is in.

You will surely be concerned the first time, but choosing the right size of tampons and inserting them correctly can help avoid this experience.

4. You can suffer from STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) if you use tampons for a long time.

Tampons cannot cause sexually transmitted diseases but having unprotected sex with a person who is already afflicted with an STD can.

5. Using tampons can increase the flow of blood and as you bleed more you will need some extra tampons to be used.

6. You need to remove tampons every time you pee.

Not you don’t because a tampon goes into the vagina, which is another opening between the anus and urethra.

7. Using tampons is not grosser than pads.

Tampons are environmentally friendly as they can be disposed off just by flushing in the toilet.

8. Using tampons is regarded as a social taboo.

Statistics say an average women uses 11,400 tampons in her lifetime.

9. Tampons should not be used at night due to risk of leakage and TSS.

But you can surely wear a tampon upto eight hours which is the minimum time required by every woman to sleep. So wearing them at night is quite safe.

10. People have concluded that tampons are dangerous for health.

The effects of tampons are still being researched and the question remains unanswered.

11. You cannot step into water if you wear a tampon.

Tampons have made it easy to swim, as they are meant to soak blood internally.


Different religious views on menstruation:

Religion plays a vital role in every society where they believe a particular part of a story or a specific anecdote. Various religions in India believe menstruation is the connotation of dirtiness while some other believe it to be a blessing. However, have a look at the different religious views.


Performing any religious activities or undertaking any religious activities like fasting is not allowed. Women, during their menstrual cycles, are not allowed to have sex with their husbands.


Guru Nanak, the founder of this community, was strictly against the idea of seeing menstruating women as pollutants. Guru states that shedding of blood by women is something which is natural and god gift, which also proves the ability of a woman to give birth which this should be considered something good.  A woman during her menstrual cycle is free to visit the temple and offer prayers.


Menstruating women are not allowed to take part in all normal activities, which include not entering the kitchen and visiting temples. In Kashmir, women on their periods are given special care as they believe in taking care of a menstruating women as she is considered to be weak due to blood loss.


In this religion, you are not allowed to touch a woman in her periods and also stay away from other objects which she has touched from morning to evening. Any person disobeying this is termed to be impure.


They have never considered women as impure during the menstrual cycle; in fact, Jesus allowed himself to be touched by a menstruating woman to cure her. There are some other churches however, who believe in addressing a woman as impure during these days.


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