Taapsee Pannu Gave The Best Reply To A Troll Who Called Her The ‘Worst Looking Actress’ Of Bollywood

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4:18 pm 29 Jul, 2018


Previously, it was almost impossible to reach out to our Bollywood stars and know them personally, but now, talking to them on social media platforms is a daily thing. With the advent of Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, fans and celebs have formed a close bond. But on the other side, it also gives us the freedom to humiliate them as and when we want to. Nowadays, we hear more instances of celebs getting trolled and body-shamed than anything. Sometimes, the only way to stop this is by giving a fitting reply and that’s what Taapsee Pannu did when a hater questioned her looks.

Over the years, Taapsee Pannu, being an outsider, has managed to prove her mettle as an actress with films like ‘Pink’, ‘Naam Shabana’, ‘Soorma’.



Though ‘Soorma’ is doing very well at the box office, a Twitter user labeled Taapsee as the ‘worst looking actress’, and believes that she will be out of Bollywood after two more films.





They say success is the best revenge, and thus, Tappsee Pannu listed her upcoming movies and requested him to tolerate her for some more time. This is what she tweeted:




Not only this, another Twitter user was so rude that he said he didn’t even care to watch her movies but Taapsee’s entertaining answer won her again.




In your face, haters.

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