Taapsee Pannu Reveals Why Bollywood Actresses Stay Away From Speaking About Sexual Harassment

4:28 pm 5 Jun, 2018

The South Indian actress Taapsee Pannu made her Bollywood debut in the movie ‘Chashme Baddor.’ Soon we witnessed her strong acting in the film ‘Pink,’ followed by a captivating performance in the movie ‘Naam Shabana.’ Her adorable look of innocence coupled with a strong portrayal of woman made her a household name. However, her portrayal of strength reflected in her real life too.

Sexual harassment is that elephant in the room that everyone ignores. Though Hollywood has recently raised a wave of protest with ‘Me Too’ movement we are yet to reach there. Most actresses of B-town avoid speaking up on this particular issue. Recently during an interview, Taapsee shared her views on sexual harassment and revealed why the popular actresses dodge this topic.



However, before knowing about Taapsee Pannu’s view on sexual harassment, let’s us take you through some of the images of this lady. They show she is strong with a hint of childishness:


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The powerful look!


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When you want to show your inner child!


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Keep calm and shout!


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On the issue of sexual harassment she shared:

‘It’s not that it doesn’t happen, it does. I am aware of it because I hear from people who tell me this but the same people probably aren’t ready to openly talk about it because there are a lot of taboos attached to it.’


However, this’s not all that she shared. She also spoke about why the popular actresses never broach this topic. She said:

“They feel whatever little momentum their career has gained, because of this a lot of people will not support them, (they) will think this is a cheap way of publicity. Their ethics and characters will be questioned.”


She further spoke about the orthodox mentality of the film industry that shames the abused instead of the abuser. She shared:

“It’s not who was wrong and right in that situation. They will look at the person with a doubt that ‘you are exploiting this situation for your benefit.’ Especially for girls who have no family here or someone supporting them here. It’s not like that. So maybe that insecurity really haunts them and that holds them back.”

She is currently working on projects scheduled to release in 2018. We wish her good luck!

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