Taapsee Pannu’s Savage Replies To Trolls Made Arjun Kapoor Give Her A ‘Major Applause’

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1:13 pm 19 Nov, 2017


When it comes to blasting trolls and giving awesome replies to people who try to shame others on social media, Taapsee Pannu is the name that tops the list. Taapsee is one badass actress who never ignores people who try trolling and slamming her on social media for any reason. The ‘Judwaan 2’ actress has been setting examples for others by giving befitting replies to people who love give their unwanted opinions.


Remember how Taapsee gave a savage reply to a troll who tried shaming her for wearing a bikini? The actress didn’t spare him, rather opted to humiliate and expose him in public. The person got so terrified that he eventually deleted his tweet. Isn’t this the best way to ask people to mind their own business?

It looks as if some people still haven’t learned to stop poking their nose in almost everything. Recently, Taapsee posted an unedited and raw image of herself in a short dress. Here’s the tweet she posted:

The actress’ tweet was simple and sweet but some people cannot digest their food without giving their opinion. A Twitter user attempted to shame Taapsee on Twitter. He passed comments on her short dress and claimed that she wears such clothes for the sake of money.

Here’s the screenshot of the tweet that he posted. (The Twitter user has deleted his tweet after getting a fitting reply from the actress.)


Taapsee didn’t just sit back and ignore such derogatory remark. Making a savage comeback, the actress gave it back with an extra dose of sarcasm.

Here’s what Taapsee tweeted in the troll’s reply:

And that’s not it. When another troll claimed that such short dresses force men to seduce women…

…Taapsee gave a tight slap with her brilliant jawaab!

And there is one more!

And he, too, got it back:

The actress’ replies deserved applause. Arjun Kapoor didn’t take much time appreciating her for doing this. Here’s what the ‘Ishaqzaade’ actor said in reply to Taapsee’s tweet.


Taapsee gave some on-point replies and we hope this will discourage people from passing unnecessary remarks on women. It’s time for women to speak up and take a stand for themselves. Become your own hero, come out and take action because staying quiet is no more an option.

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