Taapsee Pannu Knocked Out Another Sexist Comment With Her BADASS Reply

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6:07 pm 14 Sep, 2017

Taapsee Pannu is in the mood to do action sequences one after the another. No, we aren’t talking about any of her movies, it’s about her floral bikini and her replies on Twitter. The actress who has been busy with the promotions of her upcoming movie ‘Judwaa 2’ is in the news for all good reasons. Taapsee recently posted a few beautiful pictures of herself in a floral blue bikini.


Yes, the actress got appreciated for her looks but, as usual, moral police took the charge and started bombarding Taapsee’s pictures with sexist comments. Looks like Taapsee was quite ready for this situation. She didn’t hesitate even once to reply to the troll.

A hater who called her “gandi” received a kickass reply from the actress.



People came in her support and asked her to neglect such a troll. Many even suggested not to give importance to such people. However, the actress was in some fun mood. She decided to sarcastically humiliate these trolls to teach them a lesson.

If you are thinking that Taapsee’s reply to the hater must have discouraged others to post any insane opinion on her bikini pictures, then you are WRONG! There are very fewer people who learn from other’s mistakes.

Soon another person came in to insult Taapsee for wearing a bikini. He not only questioned Taapsee’s upbringing and the sanskaars she has received from her family but also asked her to remove the rest of her clothes.

Here’s what he tweeted to insult the actress.


Fortunately, Taapsee didn’t  stay quiet, rather the actress made fun of him and posted a hilarious tweet.


As soon as the “Humiliator” received a reply from Taapsee, he deleted his tweet. Now you can wonder at the amount of courage these trolls have. The moment they get noticed, they decide to hide in the crowd #Cowards.



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