Taapsee Pannu Writes A Much-Needed Letter To Her School Principal And The Reason Will Make You Love Her More

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3:18 pm 28 Nov, 2017


Taapsee Pannu started with a film like ‘Chashme Baddoor’ that made people talk a lot about her immature acting skills but she didn’t take much time to prove everyone wrong and came out as a skilled actor with movies like ‘Pink’ and ‘Naam Shabana’. Taapsee did a great work delivering some powerful messages for women via her acting and has now managed to make it top the list of Bollywood favorites of many.


From being in news for brutally slamming the haters to giving bang on replies and shutting up trolls, Taapsee has done this all. The actress is back in the news for another wonderful reason. Taapsee has written a letter to her school and college’s principal and the content of the letter is something that will make you respect her even more.

Taapsee has talked about the need of giving self-defense training to students. The actress also wants the school to play a role in boosting confidence in their students and help them not becoming a victim of depression. She wants her school and college to become the first ones to start this much-needed training session for both the genders on their premises.


Here’s the content of the letter that Taapsee has written to Mata Jai Kaur Public School in Delhi and to her college, Guru Tegh Bahadur Institute of Technology where she completed her computer science engineering.

Ms Rashmi Mehta
Mata Jai Kaur Public School,
Phase 3, Ashok Vihar,
Delhi- 110052

Dear Ms Mehta,

I am an ex-alumni student of the school, Taapsee Pannu. I have the most cherished memories of my life, spent in the premises of this school. With the developments over the years, I’ve realised there are some changes we need to make and I want to start with the place I’ve been most attentive at.

Schools have been a major part of my life, personally, and I’m sure it’s with all the students. Before even realising how far we’ve made, we grow up and learn so much in school. Our educational system should indulge students in a compulsory practice of self-defense. Behind books and projects, it is an individual who is prepping for what’s to come in life. With the changing times and how fast we are supposed to grow up to meet the outside world, to stay cautious, it is necessary for learning proper knacks of self-defence right from the beginning. Spending most of the time in school, the training could really be helpful as an all-round development. Girls and boys equally should be able to consolidate their privacy and made aware of their personal space. They should be trained not for the sole assumption that things might go wrong, but for the confidence that they are capable of handling situations that may go out of hands. The self-esteem boost with the proper coaching could help the individual psychologically to aim and pursue exactly what they wanted without the fear creeping in, which usually is very important and often overshadowed by academic reports.

As for me, I can say for a fact, I trust myself better now with all the morals I’ve accumulated over the years right from the start, now that I know I am efficient enough yo tackle any obstacle that comes my way. And as for me years ago, if I was to be schooling right now, I would appreciate being able to be my inquisitive self and making voice matter without being scared. Students do suffer from depression, low self-esteem, and are emotionally abused when they are silenced, and it’s just as bad as any other form of misconduct. Though it hasn’t been implemented enough to cure such a cause, I want to start with some place, some place that I confided in, some place I was happy at, some place I knew I could be me.

I would request you to look into this and set pace to this thought in the right direction. I’m sure it would help them in advance aspects we quite limit children to, often. I take pride in being associated with my school, and to be of any help, I would feel honoured.

Thanking you,

Yours respectfully,
Taapsee Pannu.


Taapsee has raised a much-needed issue. In today’s world, it is necessary for women to know how to protect themselves. Also, there is a need for both the genders to understand ways to handle situations without risking their lives. Hope Taapsee’s letter will initiate something that has never happened before and will help students in one way or other.



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